The device uses QBI (Quantum-Physical Bioenergetic Information Resonance) Technology to provide unique water treatment on a cellular level

Brief explanation

QBI Technology works with natural constructive and physiological vibrations and uses them to influence body and environmental chemistry and in turn have an impact on biophysical processes.

QBI does not use any chemistry, magnets or electricity, but instead only uses its own energy.

Our drinking water is often heavily contaminated with different chemicals. Every chemical substance leaves an informative fingerprint in water, even when it is no longer actually physically present in the water. The energetic information of these substances is more or less strongly stored in water because water functions as information storage.

Under normal circumstances, this information is not cancelled out and has a long-term effect on our body when we drink this water.
Treating water partially re-activates its original information, which was suppressed by impurities, toxins, heavy metals, radioactivity etc., thus enabling the water to start ‘living’ again.

After many years of research, scientists have now discovered that all life mechanisms are controlled by electromagnetic impulses. Chinese medicine has known of the existence of energy channels that control the activity of the organs for 3000 years. The electrical properties of living systems, on the other hand, depend on the physical properties of their most important element: water. Water is able to form water clusters. A water cluster can consist of just a few water molecules or many hundreds of water molecules.
New scientific findings and the improvement of measurement procedures help us to gain a better understanding of electromagnetic processes and in turn enables us to access and influence physical systems. As a result, specific materials such as metals, stone and water, but also living organisms that are well known to mainly consist of water, can, for example, be considered to be “bioinformation carriers”. They are able to store information in the form of vibrations and then pass it on.
The carriers therefore, for example, also offer the possibility of inferences and resonances, which is relevant in terms of the transmission of biological signals.

The simplified principle of how biosignal information (energy exchange = information exchange) from quantum physics (quantum energy) works:

In quantum theory, matter is nothing other than concentrated energy and is able to be excited so that it vibrates with a specific frequency.
The finest measuring instruments can be used to measure these vibrations (in the subatomic area right through to the world of photons (light particles) and quantum particles). According to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be lost but is instead subject to a constant process of change.

Quanta, which we refer to as Informationresonance in connection with our product, penetrate all kinds of matter. Our water treatment technology utilises this property. The Informationresonance from the carrier matter penetrates all pipe systems and achieves the desired effect in both flowing and standing water.
Water molecules can use both the bonds that hold together the hydrogen atoms and oxygen atom and the bonds between the constantly changing intermolecular forces to record, store and pass on information about the processes briefly mentioned above without the water having to flow. The effect of QBI Technology is in the flow direction and even in the case of standing water, few meters against the flow direction.

The effects of QBI Technology in water:


  • “Energisation” and “vitalisation”
  • Activating biophotons
  • Reducing foreign information
  • Improved osmosis principle due to smaller cluster size
  • Increasing the inner surface area
  • Improving the water structure
  • Determining whether water flows or stands, several metres against the flow direction


  • Reducing/Inhibiting some types of bacteria, viruses, spores, germs and algae


  • Reducing limescale and rust deposits (oxidation) (several metres before the installation)
  • Reducing acids
  • Partially reducing odorants
  • Decontaminating water by reducing its conductance
  • Relaxing water