Every illness is the result of the body impurities! (Kneipp)

In times when water pollution raises, water consumption significantly increases and drinking water costs constantly grow, accessing truly high-quality healthy water is becoming practically impossible.
– Drinking water can contain over several thousand different substances.
– According to the German Drinking Water Ordinance 55 of these substances are tested.
– The German Mineral Water Ordinance requires only 10 of these substances to be tested (in case of higher threshold values).
– Both ordinances permit corresponding threshold values for contaminants!

Potential water pollutants:

Pollutant: bacteria, viruses and parasites

  • Caused by: landfills, wastewater, pit drainage, agriculture and livestock farming
  • Potential risks: causing infectious diseases and stomach complaints (cholera, typhus, amoebiasis, hepatitis, lambliasis and giardiasis)

Pollutant: arsenic

  • Caused by: pesticides, rat poison and industrial waste
  • Potential risks: damage to the nervous system, capillary vessels, kidneys and liver (strong poison)

Pollutant: asbestos

  • Caused by: water pipes, construction material and mining waste
  • Potential risks: allegedly triggers lung and gastrointestinal cancer

Pollutant: pharmaceutical deposits

  • Caused by: e.g. antibiotics from broiler farming
  • Potential risks: pharmaceutical deposits pass through the entire food chain

Pollutant: lead

  • Caused by: industrial waste, exhaust emissions, leaky petrol tanks and lead pipes
  • Potential risks: restricted brain activity, particularly by children; high risks of miscarriage

Pollutant: cadmium

  • Caused by: electrolysis waste and film processing
  • Potential risks: may trigger high blood pressure, renal diseases and emphysema

Pollutant: chlorine

  • Caused by: often found in drinking water for disinfection purposes
  • Potential risks: allegedly causes cancer, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and forms THMs

Pollutant: hormones

  • Caused by: e.g. contraceptive pill (oestrogen)
  • Potential risks: male infertility, damage to embryo in a womb

Pollutant: copper and aluminium ions

  • Caused by: copper pipes and industrial waste
  • Potential risks: may damage the nervous system and coronary blood vessels and cause mental health problems

Pollutant: sodium

  • Caused by: mines and salt ion exchangers
  • Potential risks: causes high blood pressure and hinders the excretion of liquids

Pollutant: nitrates

  • Caused by: fertilisers, animal waste products and industrial wastewater
  • Potential risks: very dangerous for infants (cyanosis) (nitrates form carcinogenic nitrosamines)

Pollutant: mercury

  • Caused by: industrial waste, landfills and hazardous waste
  • Potential risks: endangers the entire nervous system, kidneys

Pollutant: zinc

  • Caused by: water pipes
  • Potential risks: hinders the gastrointestinal process and may trigger skin problems, e.g. neurodermatitis

Pollutant: pesticides, herbicides and fungicides

  • Caused by: agricultural “plant protection products”
  • Potential risks: disrupt heart activity and damage the central nervous system and respiratory organs

Even in high-quality tap water, there are many impurities that can make us sick or feel unwell little by little.

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